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Frequently asked questions

What is the hospice approach to pain management?

sereniy-imgMany patients may have pain and other serious symptoms as illness progresses. Hospice staff receives special training to care for all types of physical and emotional symptoms that cause pain, discomfort and distress. Because keeping the patient comfortable and pain-free is an important part of hospice care, Serenity Hospice Care will assess the patient’s pain and other symptoms frequently to make sure that the current treatment is effective. Hospice staff works with the patient’s physician to make sure that medication, therapies, and procedures are designed to achieve acceptable management of pain and other symptoms related to terminal illness.

How much do the medications affect the awareness of the patient?

Our physicians aim to provide effective pain management that allows the patient to remain symptom-free while maintaining awareness and the highest quality of life attainable throughout the illness.

Can a hospice patient choose to return to a more-aggressive therapy?

Absolutely. The patient may choose to leave hospice care in order to return to or begin alternate therapy; the patient may choose to return to hospice in the future if they choose to do so

Does hospice provide 24-hour care?

Sometimes a medical crisis occurs that needs close attention. When this happens, skilled care may be brought into your home for up to 24 hours to possibly avert the need for a hospital visit. Once the crisis is over, the patient will return to routine intermittent care. Serenity Hospice Care will assist you in obtaining any services that you require above and beyond what is provided under the hospice Medicare benefit.

Is the patient able to leave town?

As long as it is approved by your physician, the patient is encouraged to travel. Your hospice team can assist the patient in preparing for the trip — including connecting the patient to another hospice at the patient’s destination.

How does home health differ from hospice?

While the goal of home health and hospice are similar — providing comprehensive care for the needs of the patient — home health services provide skilled nursing therapy and support services that are designed to improve the quality of life for the patient recovering from illness or injury. Hospice services provide full-time nursing and round-the-clock supportive care for patients with advanced terminal illnesses and their families.

If I have hospice, will I lose my Medicare or Medicaid coverage?

No, you will not lose your Medicare or Medicaid coverage once you choose hospice. All of your services continue to be covered. If the services are related to your terminal illness they will be covered by Serenity Hospice Care. If the service is unrelated to your terminal illness, Medicare or Medicaid will cover the services. You should always check with your Hospice provider before receiving services to determine how they will be paid for.

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