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When is it time For hospice?

hopsice-imgBeginning a discussion about hospice can be difficult. Yet one of the most common comments we have heard from patients over the years is:  “I wish that I knew about hospice care sooner.”  Patients who begin our hospice program earlier express more satisfaction with their care and with the hospice experience.  

The patient’s physician is often the first to recommend hospice care. Sometimes, the physician waits to suggest it because he or she thinks the patient wants to stay on the current treatment regimen. As always, keeping the lines of communication open with the physician benefits the patient by ensuring that he or she receives the desired treatment throughout the illness.

The patient, a family member or the primary caregiver may call Serenity Hospice Care at any time without a physician’s referral to obtain information. With your permission, we can contact the physician to discuss the possibility and timing of entering hospice care. We can also suggest alternate services and resources in the community that may be beneficial to the patient. Contacting us is absolutely free and does not obligate the patient, family or primary caregiver to hospice care.

Our experienced staff can help explain the many benefits of hospice care. It may be time to start hospice services if the patient:

  • Has symptoms that do not respond well to treatment
  • Is increasingly dependent for daily activities (e.g., dressing, bathing, eating)
  • Experiences increasing pain
  • Progressively loses weight
  • Significantly decreases intake of nutrition and hydration
  • More questions? Read our FAQ >

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